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What is Qubit Mastermind?

Qubit Mastermind is the community for market leaders and innovators who will not settle for anything less than being number one. Consultancy and coaching from an exclusive, yearly membership that includes online training, live Q&A discussions, one-on-one sessions, physical exercise books, possible in-company sessions and half-yearly two-day live events in a world city!

Who is it for?

Qubit Mastermind is a program for innovative market leaders who want to use innovation to dominate the market and become and remain number one. Among others, it includes CEOs, directors and managers of the largest and most influential organizations in the world.

Where is it held?

Qubit Mastermind is always with you, online as well as in the physical world. Watch the training material, attend the half-yearly two-day live events or watch the recordings afterwards, and get help and advice during the weekly Q&A sessions.

How does it work?

Attend the two-day live events every half year with an elite group of innovative market leaders. Events are established and made available online. Ask questions during the weekly Q&A discussions or in the exclusive online community of like-minded people.

When does it start?

You will get access to Qubit Mastermind after you sign up, have your intake and are accepted. After that, you will be able to become a member of the exclusive community and have access to consultancy, coaching and the live events. Attend the live events by looking at the event schedule below and signing up.

Why did we make it?

We founded Qubit Mastermind because (in Danny's words): “we need a place where the innovative masterminds of the world can come together and learn from each other.” Qubit is the mastermind where masterminds meet and learn from each other.

This is how it works:

To become and remain a market leader, you need a challenging, inspiring environment of like-minded people, where you can learn what that takes. An environment where you are surrounded by other world leaders. A place where friendships can be formed and where you can forget your daily job for a moment – or work on it. Qubit Mastermind offers a proven process, an exclusive, private community of innovative market leaders and expert coaching and consultancy.

A Proven Method
We turned the guesswork of market leadership into a science. Follow our tried-and-true step-by-step instructions and track your organization's progress with our state-of-the-art online learning platform and mobile app.

Mental Reset
We have developed a new way to look at market leadership and innovation. Reprogram your organization. Work on an ambitious goal: market leadership, top-level performance and a resilient, agile organization through innovation.

Innovative Community
It's difficult to change your organization while you're constantly surrounded by it. That's why you'll be a member of our active community of experienced innovators, and why we meet up at least twice a year. Work together, get help, practice, make friends, celebrate victories and have fun!

Expert Guidance
No matter how great our coaching program may be, you could always make more of it. That's why you'll have 24/7 access to innovation experts in our expert community, weekly livestreams, live Q&A sessions, our 'CEO Hotline' for urgent advice and live events.

Developed in practice; tested and proven results

Does Qubit Mastermind work? There's only one way to find out: look at the results. Mastermind consists of top-level innovators who work for market leaders and innovative organizations in every sector around the world!

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Mastermind Live Meet-Ups 2019

Every year, we organize 2 (or sometimes 3) two-day live events. Mastermind members can personally attend them for free (catering included!) or watch them live from home or from the office. Afterwards, the recordings will be transcribed and made available online within the private community in audio and video form.

Innovate whenever, wherever, in whatever way suits you

Work continuously to attain market leadership and make your organization more innovative. Qubit Mastermind includes online, physical, social, live and always-accessible materials.

Online Platform

Watch high definition training videos, listen to MP3 recordings or read the written transcripts. Access the online platform from any computer or mobile device, wherever, whenever.

Exclusive community of market leaders

Join an exclusive community of innovative market leaders who are on the same wavelength as you. Innovation and entrepreneurship is a lonely thing when you're surrounded by 'normal people' who don't understand. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends, do business and have fun!

Help On Demand

Get personal help from experts who help you solve problems and point you in the right direction. Membership includes weekly Q&A discussions, recordings, livestream sessions, 24/7/365 access to the exclusive community and access to two events a year.

Exclusive 'CEO Hotline'

  • Up to 2 private consultancy conversations per month about a subject of your choice"
  • A 'CEO Hotline' for urgent questions
  • Access to Danny and experts in his team

Live Events

Attend personal, live events in Amsterdam, Venice and other locations around the world. Learn in the 'real world', get acquainted with some of the most successful people in the innovation industry and get access to the most forward-thinking community.

Summary of everything you get

This is not just another business club or coaching program. We offer you everything you need to become and remain a market leader, to scale up and to transform your organization into a successful, agile innovation factory!

Qubit Mastermind™

  • Live events – Attend two-day live events with an elite group twice a year
  • Recordings – Watch previous events in high definition
  • Weekly Q&A sessions – Discuss your questions directly with Danny and his team
  • 'CEO Hotline' – Call up to twice a month for urgent advice
  • Elite Community – Become a member of a select group of elite market leaders
  • Mastermind training – Get access to the absolute best and latest trainings by Danny