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Become an effective and valued innovator. Develop successful innovations for your own organization.

Anyone can innovate using our proven innovation method!


Level 1
Suitable for anyone

Successful innovation

4 to 8 hours a week
8 weeks (adaptable)

Online, digital

What is Innovation Accelerator?

Innovation Accelerator is an 8 week online course with physical course materials, live Q&A sessions and a community of innovators. It shows you how to successfully conceive, test and launch innovations.

Who is it for?

Innovation Accelerator is a course for anyone who wants to successfully conceive, test and launch innovations within an existing organization. It can be followed by anyone, without assuming any prior knowledge or experience.

Where is it held?

The Innovation Accelerator course is entirely digital and consists of training videos, an app, tools, assignments, check lists, live Q&A sessions and a private community. You can follow it online, at your own pace, wherever and whenever it suits you.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, follow the instructions, complete the assignments and use provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the online community or during the live Q&A calls, follow the instructions and attain results.

When does it start?

Accelerator will be available from the 4th of February onwards. You can follow Accelerator at your own pace, and go through it as often and as quickly or slowly as you want. You will have lifelong access to all the materials.

Why did we make it?

Danny and his team developed Accelerator because there were no resources anywhere that walk you through successfully innovating within an existing organization. We filled that gap.

This is how it works:

A training course is not enough to learn to innovate successfully and make lasting changes to your place of work.

You learn how to innovate by doing it in a stimulating, innovative environment surrounded by people with the same goal.

Innovation Accelerator™ offers a proven process that involves actively getting to work, and offers mental reprogramming, a private online community and guidance from Danny and other very experienced and successful innovation experts.

A Proven Method
We turned the guesswork of innovation into a science. Follow our proven step-by-step instructions and track your progress using our state-of-the-art online learning platform and mobile app.

Mental Reset
We have developed a new way to look at the world, at organizations and at innovation. Discover your innovative side, change old habits and learn how you can use innovation to help any organization improve. Reprogram your routines and those of your co-workers and achieve top-level innovative accomplishments.

Innovative Community
It's difficult to change while you're still surrounded by the same people and environment. This is why you'll become a member of our private community of innovators. Work together, get help, practice, make friends, have fun and celebrate each other's victories!

Expert Guidance
No matter how great the course may be, you'll always have questions. That's why you'll have 24/7 access to fellow students and innovation experts within our community, weekly livestreams and live Q&As with Danny, other leading experts from his team and guest speakers.

Innovation Accelerator Contents

⌛ Accelerator is made to be followed at your own pace and you can go through it as often and as quickly or slowly as you want.

🕑 On average, students spend 4 to 8 hours a week on this course for 8 weeks.

♾️ You will have lifelong access to the course materials.

👁‍🗨+ 🎧 Watch the high definition training videos, listen to MP3 recordings or read the written transcripts.

🌍+ 📱+ 🖥️ You can access the online platform from any computer or mobile device, wherever, whenever.

What can you expect from Innovation Accelerator™? How do the modules work, and how can you use the program to its full potential?

Innovation starts with being more flexible than the people around you. Go out and try things. Just do it. Work together, take risks and make sure to take quick, small steps to achieve your goals. And most importantly: Don't forget to dream! This week, you begin your own personal transformation into a successful innovator…

Why is innovation so important? Sure, the world is changing, but the world has always been changing. So that's not a good argument for innovation. What is? What would be starting points for successful innovations? In any case, you'll have to be prepared for opposition from the people around you. Not all of your colleagues like change, which includes innovation. In this module, Danny lets you take a critical look at yourself: are you ready for the changes that innovation will cause? And how can you prepare your colleagues and your organization?

Innovation is always closely tied to the existing organization. In order to go through this week successfully, it is important not to be prepared for it. This week will have an enormous impact on you. Among other things, we will help you to really look at the existing organization in a new way, looking both at the organization as a whole and at your department, working environment or project. Next, we will help you to choose an issue that you will raise to a higher level using innovation. Some ambitious goal that we will work on. This is the issue you'll be working on over the next few weeks.

Technological developments have drastically changed society. How have society and the business world changed as a result of technology? Which of the most influential technologies can you use for innovation? What role will data play in the organizations of the future and how can you prepare for that?

This week will be about:

  • new technologies
  • big data
  • new business models
  • changes in consumers and citizens
  • (collaborating with) startups

You will also develop your own vision for the future of your field or organization.

In order to innovate successfully and work on the issue you've selected, you need the right ideas – and within an organization, there are often so many ideas that the sheer number of them makes it hard to tell which are the necessary and right ones. During this week, we will put a stop to that chaos. Thanks to week 3, we now know what challenges we need to look for new ideas for, and we can now easily create an idea portal. It's time to really get to work, involve colleagues and stakeholders and generate support for the changes that will happen.

Last week, you gathered ideas for the issue of your choice. The success of an idea mostly depends on its implementation. How can you test ideas with a short turnaround and flesh them out into a prototype? Thanks to week 5, you now know what ideas are valuable to the organization and the stakeholders. During this week, we decide which prototypes we are going to bring to life from the next week onwards. We will show you how to easily develop a digital prototype, but also give you pointers on how to test things in the analog world (together with your customers).

We go from an idea to a prototype and on to its implementation. That's what this week is about. You will get to work with a multidisciplinary dream team that you assemble yourself. The motto is 'fail fast and succeed often'. What can we learn from the startup way of working? How can you put your idea into practice quickly, without big budgets or an endless turnaround? Without budgets, because we will work on a model that can make your prototype profitable. If you successfully finish this week, you will be able to innovate continuously.

You've started up innovation by yourself over the past weeks, but before you can call yourself an Innovation Accelerator and receive your certificate, in this last module we'll show you how you can permanently embed innovation processes in your organization and how you can get your colleagues on board. If you've followed Innovation Accelerator™ with your colleagues, this will be the week where you present your individual assignments to each other. This gives you an opportunity to view the world, the organization, opportunities, challenges, solutions and successful approaches through each other's eyes. If you followed Innovation Accelerator™ by yourself, you'll find attendees from other organizations in the online community.

After successfully completing the weekly assignments, you will be granted a signed Innovation Accelerator™ certificate, you will be able to include the title 'IA' after your name, and if you're interested, we will add you to our public online database of graduated Innovation Accelerators.

Innovate whenever, wherever, in whatever way suits you

Innovate wherever and whenever you want, in the way that best suits your needs. Watch the videos, listen to the audio recordings, read the transcripts and get to work. Innovation Accelerator includes online, physical, social, live and always-accessible materials.

Online Platform

Watch high definition training videos, listen to MP3 recordings or read the written transcripts. Access the online platform from any computer or mobile device, wherever, whenever.

Private Innovation Community

Join a private, bustling community of innovators who are on the same wavelength as you. Innovation and entrepreneurship is a lonely thing when you're surrounded by 'normal people' who don't understand. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!

Help On Demand

Get help from experts who can point you in the right direction and help to solve problems. Accelerator includes weekly Q&A sessions with Danny and other leading experts. Missed a session? Watch the recordings or ask your questions 24/7/365 in the private community.

Summary of everything you get

This is not just another course. We will get to work and offer you everything you need to innovate successfully within your own organization!

Innovation Accelerator™

  • Reprogram yourself and your co-workers
  • Learn about the most important developments that are happening in the world
  • Discover the importance of innovation
  • Analyze your organization and discover opportunities for innovation in its problems, goals and dreams
  • Conceive, collect and group the best ideas
  • Develop and test prototypes
  • Implement them with a dream team – without a budget
  • Learn how to get co-workers, executives and stakeholders on board

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