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Crucial knowledge of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship has a name: Danny Mekić.

There are brilliant thinkers, brilliant speakers and brilliant doers. But not many people are able to constantly combine and improve these skills. Danny Mekić is that rare type of multiple-talented hotshot. For starters, Danny knows how to run a business: he started his first company at the age of fifteen, has founded many successful start-ups since, and has been granted the title of ‘most successful young entrepreneur in the Netherlands’ (by magazines Sprout, Quote and Elsevier).

In all these years, Danny has acquired profound and unique knowledge, particularly about innovation and the volatile world of technology, with its great opportunities and great dangers. He has acquired scientific insights and developed visions that he is happy and eager to share – not only with the world at large on television shows and in TED Talks, but also directly with you and your people. Crucial information, tailored to your particular organization and business model, that lets you make the most of the opportunities that technology offers while staying one step ahead of the dangers it creates.

Danny is an entrepreneur.

In 2002, Danny founded his first online company, and in 2009 he was granted the title of ‘most successful young entrepreneur in the Netherlands’. Soon after, he founded NewTeam; a unique consultancy firm specialized in technology, media & communication, disruptive innovation and new online business models. We help organizations to reinvent themselves using effective innovation strategies and the latest technologies. NewTeam currently works for forty of the most prominent organizations in the Netherlands, which we give strategic advice at the boardroom level. Furthermore, NewTeam works for various governmental services and clients in numerous other European countries, the United States and Australia. Besides NewTeam, Danny runs his other companies: HackathonFactory (market leader for organizing hackathons), InnovationRecruitment, StrategyCooker and his latest initiative: Innovation Accelerator, an online training course to become a great innovator.

Danny is a thinker.

Without having finished high school, Danny was admitted into the University of Amsterdam, where he studied jurisprudence, supplemented with courses in psychology and economics. Besides his academic education, Danny is mostly self-taught. Being part of the vanguard for years in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, Danny has acquired crucial knowledge that you won't find in any textbook. He was also appointed to be part of an advisory committee for the Dutch Ministers of Economic affairs and of Education, Culture and Science, founded with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship among school students.

Danny is a speaker.

Danny is now one of the most popular public speakers in the Netherlands. He opened the academic year at Eindhoven University of Technology, has given three TEDx Talks, and teaches practically every Dutch college and university as a guest lecturer. Danny is on the radio or on TV on a weekly basis and regularly writes for newspapers like NRC Handelsblad and The Financial Times. Besides that, Danny would also be happy to share his unique knowledge with you and your organization. Follow Innovation Accelerator or Uplevel Innovation, or become a member of Qubit Mastermind.

If you would like to invite Danny Mekić as a speaker, a day chair, a guest lecturer or an enthusiastic jury member, please contact Samantha by calling this phone number: +31 20 20 50 555.

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